1:1 Coaching

Tin Man coaching consists of weekly 50-minute sessions from highly trusted and proven experts in emotional intelligence and personal leadership acumen. This offering also allows as-needed access to our coaches for live issues.

Recover the life you’ve lost and rediscover the life you desire by learning to live and lead from the heart.

For this offering we recommend an initial 6 month minimum commitment.

Understand the powerful forces that shaped who you are today and learn how to identify and break patterns that are negatively impacting your life and leadership.

Develop your emotional intelligence (EQ) and learn how to lead others more effectively, not from the treadmill of drivenness, loneliness, and on the edge of burnout, but from a place of clarity, confidence, connectedness, and self-awareness.

Reawaken an energy toward life, especially in the relationships that you value most.


Tin Man intensives are a 48 hour immersive experience to help you understand the depth of your story and gain holistic transformation of your life and leadership.

These concentrated Intensives accelerate the process of identifying and recovering the life you are missing.

We believe we can accomplish as much as a year’s worth of progress in this one intentional stretch of time.

Uncover and process your story through a lens and to a depth you have yet to experience, gaining a solid understanding of how you became you, and how life can start to feel more like LIFE.

Gain a holistic, integrated understanding of your mind, heart, will, and emotions and in doing so, recover and rediscover life and leadership intelligence.

Receive the experience and tools to become a better person, spouse, parent, friend, and leader.

Process Groups

Tin Man Process Groups are Leadership Cohorts for developing self awareness, emotional health, and personal leadership.

Process groups focus on building awareness of your heart and emotions and how they affect your life and leadership.

This is done within the context of groups because it is through safe relationships with others that you will find healing and progress. Typically, Tin Man only recommends participation in Process Groups after engaging in one-to-one work with a Tin Man Coach.

One-to-one coaching is essential but not exhaustive. Additional growth occurs within the context of your relationships within the group. Sometimes it’s easier to see what you need to see about your own life by listening and engaging with others as they share their own stories and their own challenges.

Process Groups provide a safe context with others to process what you are feeling as you discover who you are and grow in your personal development.

Lasting transformation occurs within the context of a group. This experience provides emotional strength, resilience, and vulnerability by building on a foundation of learning to live and lead from the heart.


A high impact and compelling presentation that calls up teams to a higher level of self awareness, emotional intelligence, and grows their leadership influence.

Our Tin Man speakers work with you to provide customized keynote to meet your organization’s needs.

Each keynote address will focus on the necessity of EQ in creating effective leadership and relationships in life and work. Our speakers will inspire, educate, and challenge listeners to recover the life and relationships they’ve lost and rediscover the life they desire.

Tin Man speakers are available to present and train in large or small group settings.
Your team will gain an understanding of the role of EQ in building the trust necessary for genuine relationships.
The process facilitates personal awareness and health as well as work, team, and personal effectiveness.

YPO Forum Facilitator

We have been facilitating YPO Forum retreats for the past five years with superior feedback and results. If you would like to set up a Zoom call to discuss working with your Forum or would like a list of YPO references you can contact directly, select the option for YPO Forum Facilitator.

Tin Man has been transformational – for me personally and for our YPO forum.

They are the definition of a servant leader – leading others through their humanness and really knowing and owning their unique gifts. They walk side by side with us, helping us explore ourselves, our stories and our feelings through their gentle curiosity and presence.

Michael Painter

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Plexus Capital, LLC

Begin the journey of putting your life back together today.