Healthy leaders produce healthy cultures

Unhealthy leaders produce under-performing teams and create toxic work environments.

Our relationships impact everything we do – including how we lead people, teams, and companies. The lack of Emotional Awareness (EQ) of leaders in your company will spill over into your team and negatively affect your bottom-line.

How We Help Your Company

Every leader deals with loneliness. The feeling of isolation leads to the belief that they are alone at the top, everything depends on them, and no one else can help.

At Tin Man Co., we help high capacity leaders develop a healthier, more sustainable, integrated life. Through coaching, intensives, and leadership cohorts, our goal is to help high level leaders learn a new way of living.

Ultimately, this new approach to life leads to heightened focus, greater empathy towards co-workers, and better bottom line results from the teams they lead.

Every great player needs a coach.

While our coaches have thousands of hours of experience in this work, our approach starts with the premise that we are neither above you or below you, simply a few steps ahead of you on a similar path.

When your leaders partner with us, they will:

learn the power of presence over performance

connect in intimate relationships,

be more emotionally aware of themselves and those around them,

create and hold healthy boundaries.

The process was so simple, yet so powerful.

I was lucky enough to spend time in a group focused on the rest of life which has taught me so much.

Bottom line – it changed my and my family’s life in a huge way.

Tim Walsh

Former CIO, Bridestone Americas

The cost of losing top tier leaders to unhealthy habits far exceeds the investment into their self awareness.

The most influential and successful leaders in the world know how to answer the question “What is it like to be on the other side of me?”

We help leaders honestly answer this question, overcome their undermining tendencies, and transform their EQ.

Effective leaders cannot be outwardly focused unless they are inwardly aware.

Here’s how to help your leaders find their way back to a healthier, sustainable, integrated life.

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Start the Journey

We begin walking the path with your executive leaders to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

Transform the Culture of Your Workplace

Your culture is dictated by your key leaders. Healthy leaders create great culture.

Tin Man saved my marriage and has been instrumental in helping me become the husband and business leader I am today.

I have worked with Tin Man for seven years. Since our forum’s introduction to Tin Man a few years ago, our group has become undoubtedly closer and more highly functioning. They have a gift of cutting through people’s defenses to the root of the issue without intimidating or belittling them.

William Clark

CEO, Clark Constructors

Healthy leaders produce healthy cultures