Leaders kept asking, “How did I get here and how can I make life work?”


That’s why we created Tin Man Co.

Leadership can be lonely and demanding.

In an attempt to meet expectations (yours and others), it’s normal to develop unhealthy and unproductive ways of coping and it’s only a matter of time before life catches up with us.

That’s why we created Tin Man Co.

Tin Man Co. was birthed by attraction, not promotion. 

Leaders began quietly pursuing Jeff Schulte as they observed his journey from performance addiction, relief-seeking behavior, and an inability to turn off the treadmill in his chest and the hamster wheel in his head…to the recovery of heart, passion, purpose, presence, and connection.

Today, Jeff’s passion, (along with our team of Tin Man coaches) is investing deeply and personally in the lives of leaders and the organizations they lead. For decades, we have been a trusted friend, guide, and mentor to C-suite executives, elite athletes (college, professional, and Olympic), coaches, musicians, pastors, and non-profit leaders to help them get their hearts back.

Who We Are

Our team consists of formally trained professionals with thousands of hours of experience in this field and many years of doing this work in our own personal lives.  We are led by Jeff Schulte, an Ivy League graduate (Yale University) with three master’s degrees, a licensed professional counselor, a certified mental health service provider, an executive coach, and a directional leader. A start-up entrepreneur, for 39 years, Jeff has been building organizations and equipping high-capacity leaders to succeed in their personal lives, the workplace, home, and community.

I felt for the first time I could finally understand and get healing with the trauma from my past.

The work is not easy, but the rewards are great. My wife, co-workers and especially my kids have seen the change in me. I am much more in tune to listening and empathizing with others. I truly feel I have the tools to live a much better second half of my life.

Geoffrey Cross

SVP, Commercial Banker, First Foundation Bank

Our most important qualification is that we have been in your shoes.

We have our own stories of compulsive behaviors, addictions, codependent relationships, and toxic shame.

There is nowhere in the journey we will take you that we have not traveled ourselves. And we continue to do the hard work every day to be the healthiest version of ourselves so we can walk alongside you to help you do the same.

We want to help you embrace progress over perfection as you navigate a new way of living – one where you’ll understand how your past is keeping you out of the present, and how this is affecting your future.

Jeff Schulte

Founder, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, YPO Facilitator

Jeff is the founder and president of Tin Man Co. His passion is investing deeply and personally in the lives of leaders and the organizations they lead. For decades, Jeff has been a trusted friend, guide, and mentor to c-suite executives, elite athletes (college, professional and Olympic), coaches, musicians, pastors, and non-profit leaders. He is also a licensed professional therapist and an in-demand communicator and small group facilitator (YPO Forum retreats and executive leadership teams). In addition to Tin Man Co., Jeff founded and leads a non-profit that brings accessable and affordable mental health resources to leaders in 50 states and 6 countries.

Jeff’s own story is what brings him to the work of Tin Man. Married to Brenda for 35 years, Jeff is the father of 6 and the grandpa of three. Home for Jeff and Brenda is Nashville, TN.

Jeff's Strengths and Unique Qualifications
  • A unique ability to help high-capacity leaders increase their emotional awareness (EQ) equipping them to engage more effectively and intimately where they live, work, and play.
  • A values and principle driven personal life with a deep understanding of the pressures, conflicts and ethical/moral issues faced by leaders in today’s high paced, bottom-line performance driven work environment.
  • Entrepreneurial leadership background, having conceptualized, founded, led, and managed multiple businesses and non-profits with multi-million-dollar budgets and diverse constituencies.
  • A sought-after keynote speaker and communicator both nationally and internationally on personal transformation, emotional EQ, integrating core values of faith, family and leadership at home and in the workplace.
  • Conducted hundreds of seminars and conferences to individuals, couples and organizations.
  • Frequent Pre-game Chapel speaker for National Football League and Division I College Athletic Programs.
  • A facilitator/mentor with an estimated 40,000 hours of executive coaching/counseling experience in one-on-one and small group settings.
  • Jeff is the author of multiple resources which include two Gold Medallion awards and over two million copies in print.
  • Jeff’s own story is what brings him to the work of Tin Man. Married to Brenda for 35 years, Jeff is the father of 6 and the grandpa of three. Home for Jeff and Brenda is Nashville, Tennessee.

Robbyn Abedi

Coach, Intensive Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant

Robbyn has served in high level leadership all around the world – from Western Europe to North Africa and the Middle East, to the United States. He has over 10,000 leadership development and therapeutic hours that span over 20 years in 25 different countries.

Working with Tin Man and helping leaders rediscover their heart and get back their life is a sacred work for Robbyn. With his own story of compulsive behaviors and addictions, enmeshment, codependent relationships, and toxic shame, Robbyn is passionate about helping people learn to face the truth of who they are and find freedom in the truths of who they were made to be.

Robbyn is therapeutically intuitive and relationally courageous. Leaders who have worked with him typically describe it as the most transformative experience of their lives.
Robbyn is married to Suzanne and they have two daughters. They call Memphis home but are always looking for a new adventure.

Brandon Addison

Coach, Facilitator, Advisor, speaker

Brandon has worked on the human side of executive and organizational leadership for decades, including working with New York Times bestselling authors, consulting with top-tier government officials, coaching Fortune 500 organizations, and leading various clients through transformative change.

As a seasoned observer of individual, team, and organizational behavior, he guides groups and individuals to breakthroughs in their growth with apt insight and interdisciplinary expertise. Brandon equips high-capacity leaders and teams to succeed by integrating their lives and recovering their hearts. Clients who have worked with Brandon have called him catalytic and generative, a keen listener, and offers a profound transformative presence.

As a startup entrepreneur, executive leader, and advisor, he brings his professional experience, powerful intuition, and training in psychology, coaching, and organizational change. Brandon has completed advanced studies on the intersection of neuroscience and transformative change and is a proud member of the International Coach Federation. In his previous life, Brandon was a marathon runner and professional whitewater river guide. He resides with his wife and two children outside of colorful Denver, Co, and enjoys scheming new adventures with them.

Matt White

Coach, Facilitator, Advisor, speaker

Matt has served as a strategic advisor to over 150 CEOs and executive teams, from start-ups to public companies. He’s adept at guiding his clients to lead from a place of health, emotional intelligence and awareness of the feelings that drive thoughts, communication and behavior.

His expertise is in human analytics and optimization, but his passion is guiding high performing leaders to uncover the false self that drives exhaustion, loneliness and compulsive behaviors, and recovering the true self that leads to clarity, serenity and freedom. Matt has logged hundreds of hours of his own work with TinMan and other therapeutic intensives and courses. He knows the safety required for deep heart work and guides with vulnerability and candor. 

Matt lives in Nashville, enjoys being a present father to his young daughter and frequent dirt bike adventures.

John Hutchinson

Coach, Facilitator, Advisor, Speaker

John is a successful entrepreneur in the construction and service industries and quickly became a leader with national recognition in his field.  He has worked professionally in large organizations and managed his own start-up from inception to profitability and scale.  

John came to Tin Man out of necessity in his own life in 2016.  The integration of his business experience with “heart” has transformed his family and his professional life making him a magnet for business leaders who need a fresh set of eyes to help them take the next steps forward.  Says one of John’s mentors, “John’s recognition of his own failures, limitations, and even successes professionally and personally (together) make him a valued guide for any business leader learning he does not have to do it alone.”  

Those who work with John describe him as quick, smart, insightful, strategic, intuitive, and passionate.  He thinks strategically about the future, helping leaders to not miss what is right in front of them in the present. John’s passion is to bring his heart to the business world and see it transformed through authentic living.  John knows the unique pressures and balance of owning a company, taking care of his own heart, and leading his family by embracing his own neediness. He is able to identify with hard-charging entrepreneurs, who’ve known success but are still empty, alone, medicating, and wanting more from life. 

John’s expertise has been shaped by integrating business leadership with living from the heart in a world where the one many times costs you the other. He comes alongside others in need and can say, “I’ve been there and you don’t have to do this alone.” He believes that one cannot heal and find life alone; recovering our hearts is a group effort and one that requires a guide who has been there before. Guiding, one step at a time, John is able to lead from a compassionate and intuitive place.

John and his wife, KC , live with their three kids in Nashville.  Outside of being a husband and dad, John finds adventure in the mountains and other outdoor activities.

You have a name and a story, but your journey has been rough and imperfect.

That’s our story too. We want to help you embrace progress over perfection as you navigate a new way of living – one where you’ll understand how your past is affecting your present, and how to apply it for your future.

Begin the journey to a more balanced, integrated, and fulfilling life today.