Real life help for high capacity leaders

Everyone’s life stops working like they thought it would.

We help you develop the tools to live a healthier, sustainable, integrated life.

How We Help You

When life doesn’t feel like “life,” you become distracted and everything – your marriage, your work, your relationships – begin to suffer.

Whether it’s in-person or remotely, we provide a trusted guide who is further down the path; a guide who can grow your relational capacity to give you more of the life you long for.

How We Help Your Company

The culture of your workplace can only be as healthy as those who are leading.

We are a partner in human resource and development to help your leaders get and stay healthy.

I had been struggling with some issues with life with my marriage, my son and my work.

Because of Tin Man Co., my work and family life have improved 1000% – and that is not an exaggeration. I have found a new love for my work and I don’t have to succeed but choose to succeed. I don’t have to fight everyone and I don’t have the anger I used to have.

Tin Man has really help me become a better version of myself. My wife often says Danny 2.0 is a much better version than Danny 1.0.

Danny Gordon

President, iGROUP Senior Markets

For many of us, life can look great on the outside while inwardly we know what we’re doing is not sustainable.

Some might call it burnout, we just know something has to give or change.

When you come to that realization, you need someone to come alongside and help you make the changes you can’t make on your own.

You weren’t made to face life alone.

You deserve a guide to walk with you through your journey back to life working again. We help you:

Develop the tools you need to gain clarity, confidence, make better decisions, and get your life back.

Be more emotionally aware of yourself and those around you so you can be present and not simply perform

Learn how to create and hold boundaries that will give you the greater emotional capacity (EQ) to connect in intimate relationships.

Effective leaders cannot be outwardly focused unless they are inwardly aware.

Here’s how to get started finding your way back to a healthier, sustainable, integrated life

Find a Guide

Fill out our discovery form to be placed with a Guide who is ready to come alongside you.

Start the Journey

We begin walking the path to where you want to be, together.

Get Your Life Back

After one-year of doing the work, your life will look and feel significantly different than it does today.

Tin Man is very gifted at addressing the science behind vulnerability-based trust-building with men.

They built rapport naturally with our group and we all came away with a new respect and love for one another and has opened the door for our goal of deeper relationships to be realized.

Ben Buffington

President/CEO, High Speed Industrial Service

Begin the journey to a more balanced, integrated, and fulfilling life today.